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Lightspeed Announces the Suspension of their Hosting Services for OnSite Web Store Users

Starting in November 2016 for version 2.+ and March 2017 for all 3.+ users.

All OnSite Web Stores hosted with Lightspeed need to move away from Lightspeed's servers prior to these dates.

Lightspeed is recommending to their clients, AdVision's Hosting and Support for Lightspeed OnSite Web Store into the future, as we are the most experienced eCommerce developers and PCI compliant hosts for OnSite.

The Good News : If you have an existing Hosting Contract with Lightspeed, they will pay us directly for your Hosting and the SSL certificate for the duration of your contract.

To approve the migration, simply just enter the information below to grant Lightspeed permission to share your data and access, with AdVision. There is no financial transaction when you place you order here at this time.

Other Services : In addition to your Hosting and SSL, you can add AdVision's OnSite Web Store Support and SiteLock Security to your web store, once migrated. These two services are not part of any existing Lightspeed contract and AdVision's support is specific to the OnSite Web Store, see details below.

AdVision - Your One Stop Resource for Lightspeed OnSite, Hosting, Support, Updates & Customization Services.

* Got Questions? Write us at, or Call : 866-865-8783 *

Yes, please move my Lightspeed OnSite Web Store to AdVision Hosting!

AdVision's hosting pricing is exactly the same as Lightspeed's and is $499.00 USD, yearly, plus tax.

Information This tooltip will provide you help.

How can I find my store version?

Lightspeed Onsite

Contact Information

Registrant Access

To make the migration process as seamless as possible, AdVision would like to request access to your 'domain name' registrant (GoDaddy for example) for your URL [] to update the DNS records.

For SSL applications we need to 'validate the domain' and once the web store is migrated, we need to update the original CNAME and create a new A Record.

If you fill in this form, we can update the DNS for you, OR you can 'SKIP' this form, if you don't wish to share your access and we will email you with instructions at a later date.

Any updates we do to your DNS update will be specifically for the web store hosting and will have no effect on any of your existing services such as your company emails etc, everything you have in place, will continue to function throughout the migration of the web store.

Yes, add the required SSL (secure socket layer) Certificate & Seal

SSL certificates are installed in order on the server to secure financial transactions and are required for PCI compliance by the payment processor and work on any Lightspeed OnSite 3+ web store versions.

The SSL you may have with Lightspeed is not transferable and a new one needs to be installed specific to the server that is hosting. The good news is that Lightspeed will pay AdVision for the duration of your SSL certificate, with them, so just FYI, here that this is the pricing and that this is will be addressed during the migration.

$199.00 USD per year for Standard
$280.00 USD per year for Wild Card

Standard or Wild Card : If you have one web store online where you do transactions within, then the ‘standard’ SSL is what you need. If you have multiple online web stores/blogs under your one URL, and you do transactions or collect data on them, then a ‘wild card’ SSL is for your consideration.

NOTE: 2.x.x versions are no longer PCI compliant and therefore we cannot install an SSL on those versions, until the web store is updated to Lightspeed 3.+


Starfield SSL certificate

Would you like AdVision to support your Lightspeed OnSite Web Store?

Since Lightspeed has notified their clients that they will no longer be supporting the OnSite Web Store, you have the option of having AdVision Support & Update your web store for you into the future.

We are the most experienced eCommerce development team available for Lightspeed OnSite and we offer an annual 'Support Contract'.

'Support Contract' available at $365.00 USD, yearly based on $1.00 per day.

Support covers our team addressing any issue you have related to any Lightspeed updates (likely the POS) and or any work that AdVision has done on your behalf. It does not cover any issues with 3rd party developers or applications already installed on a customized Web Store.

AdVision Tech Support 24/7

One last question on Web Store Security

eCommerce web store security is a high priority for Retailers and over the years, AdVision has partnered with SiteLock Security to offer their services for our Lightspeed OnSite web store users.

SiteLock is available at $79.00 USD yearly.

Automatically scans your Web Store 24/7 for malware to ensure they are not being blocked or spammed. Displaying the SiteLock certificate increases conversion rates on your site and it will give your business instant credibility and trust in the eyes of customers.

SiteLock security

To locate the version number of your Lightspeed OnSite Web Store ...

  1. Navigate to your web store and go on to any given product page.
  2. Then on your browser in the VIEW or TOOLS menu, you should see 'VIEW PAGE SOURCE' click that button and the code for your site will show in your browser window.
  3. At the top of the page of code, in the first few lines or so, you should see on one line something that reads like this The "3.3.0" represents your version number.
  4. If you can't find it, just set this drop down option on this sign up form, to 'I don't know'.